Updated Map: Bolt - Crowdford

Updated Map: Bolt - Crowdford

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Updated Map: Bolt
Updated Map: Bolt

Updated Map: Bolt

Bolt, kruther's fast-paced, bow-based map has received an update for 1.16.4!

Many parts of the map have been reworked and improved, and two new arenas have been added!

You can read the full changelog here!

Grab some friends, download the map here, and find out who's the best with a bow!

Comment     16.11.2020

Bolt 1.4.0 Changelog


+ Updated to 1.16.4

+ Revamped kill handling to be more acurate

+ New map: Nation

+ New map: Space

+ New Lobby

+ Parkour in lobby

+ Implemented max game time

+ New kill streak item: Quick shot


~ Replaced slime trap with honey trap

~ All options were overhauled

~ Bigger lobby map showcases

~ Rebalanced kill streak kill counts


- Removed map: Meadow

- Removed time option


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