Crowdford - Minecraft Maps

Crowdford - Minecraft Maps

You currently are on the archive version of the Crowdford website. This version of the website contains many maps that have been removed from the primary website, however newer maps will NOT be added here. Click here to return to the primary website.


New!Divinity's End
Divinity's End

New Map: Divinity's End

After several years of development, Divinity's End, the third and final entry of the 'Pantheon' series is finally released.

Divinity's End is a massive collaborative CTM featuring areas from some of the best mapmakers from the CTM community.

Are you ready to change the world? ... are you ready for Divinity’s End?

Play it here!

Comment     19.02.2021

Realms!Hole in the Floor Remastered
Hole in the Floor Remastered

Updated Map: Hole in the Floor Remastered - 1.16

The map has received an update, and is now available for Minecraft 1.16! Additionally, there have been major changes to the powerups in the map! Find the full changelog here!

Items have been rebalanced, new ones have been added and the map has been improved a lot in general.

Play it here!

Comment     15.02.2021

Updated Maps
Updated Maps

Updated Maps

Some of our maps have been updated!

Isolated Isle and Island Invaders are now both available for 1.16.4!

Additionally, Tales of Glarthford is now available on realms.

You can find all of our maps that are available for 1.16 here!

Comment     20.12.2020

Realms!Sleepless Night
Sleepless Night

Updated Map: Sleepless Night - 1.16

The map has received an update, and is now available for Minecraft 1.16! Additional upgrade tiers have been added to most options in the shop! Find the full changelog here!

Additionally, the leaderboard for the map has been reset.

Getting a score onto the leaderboard is now more fun than ever before. Can you manage to beat our score?

Play it here!

Comment     02.12.2020

Realms!Tales of Glarthford
Tales of Glarthford

New Map: Tales of Glarthford

After two years in the making, Tales of Glarthford is finally released!

Tales of Glarthford is a fully voice-acted classic adventure map featuring boundary-breaking mechanics, turn-based combat, and a variety of different storylines.

The map can be played with up to 3 players!

Play it here!

Comment     20.11.2020

Updated Map: Bolt
Updated Map: Bolt

Updated Map: Bolt

Bolt, kruther's fast-paced, bow-based map has received an update for 1.16.4!

Many parts of the map have been reworked and improved, and two new arenas have been added!

You can read the full changelog here!

Grab some friends, download the map here, and find out who's the best with a bow!

Comment     16.11.2020

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