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TNT Race - Maps - Crowdford

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TNT Race

"Explosively fun!"

Race your friends in this exciting parkour map with a unique twist! You can boost yourself up using TNT to reach seemingly impossible places.

✧ Race Mode

In Race mode, a parkour course with your desired length and difficulty will be randomly generated, which makes this mode extremely replayable! You can either get some friends and try to compete for the first place or play alone and practice to get the perfect timing on the TNT jumps.

There are also lots of achievements you can try to complete, for example, beating a hard course in under two minutes or winning a certain amount of times. Completing them might give you a special reward. ;)

✧ Highscore Mode

In this mode, the parkour course will always stay the same and can only be played by one person at a time. Try to beat the creators' times and get on the leaderboard on this page!

Submit a video showing your best attempt on our discord here or in the comments on this page, to appear on the leaderboard. You need to play in Highscore mode for your attempt to be valid! It is recommended to play in single-player when trying to get a highscore.

✧ Music

This map features six fast-paced songs, one of which is randomly selected at the start of a game to make the already exciting races even more intense!
If you want to listen to your own music instead, you can disable the custom music on the options island.

✧ Enhanced Parkour

Additionally, there are multiple special blocks which give you a speed boost, jump boost or even a double jump.
In some sections, a slime block might replace your TNT. When placed on lapis lazuli, it will create a large platform for you to bounce off of.

To submit your own time to the leaderboard, post a recording of your run on our Discord here or leave a comment.


A Vertex Creations Project

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