Knockback Madness - Maps - Crowdford

Knockback Madness - Maps - Crowdford

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Knockback Madness

Knockback Madness
Knockback Madness

"Get ready to get knocked back!"

In this map damage is not what you are after! Your only goal is to survive the madness, and knock your enemies off of the arena, before you end up being the one without anything under your feet!

✧ Fun and Intriguing
Equiped with a bow, your only choice is to aim and hit your opponents until they go flying, but be vary. Everyone has a double jump that if used effectively, and save your life numerous times!

✧ Verticality at its finest!
The arena is specially designed to use every part of verticality to give players an interesting and fun game.


Updated by Vertex Creations

Full Credit:

Map by gibbsly & SirSheepe


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