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Capture Kings

Transit Level
Transit Level
Ocean Level
Ocean Level
Summit Level
Summit Level
Transit Level #2
Transit Level #2

"Choose Skills, Capture Points, Upgrade your Weapons & Defeat the Enemy!"

Fight for the middle, upgrade your weapons, select 3 out of 21 skills, choose your own playstyle and more!

✧ Getting Points:
This map is all about getting points for your team to win! By default, you need to reach 1000 points. However, that can easily be changed through the options, found in the lobby. But, how do you get points in the first place? It's quite simple: Go to the center of the map, where you can find the middle point and stand on it. Additionally, you need to make sure to knock the enemy team off the middle, so that they can't claim any points for themselves!

✧ Capturing Beacons:
Along with the middle, there are two small points at the side; Beacons. By standing on them you can capture them, and when captured they will give the whole team a specific buff! Eight different buffs will help you win the game faster and get stronger. However, only two are available in each match! The buffs include but are not limited to Regeneration, Resistance, as well as custom effects such as Golden Grace or Slime's Sabotage.

✧ Buying Items:
On the bottom part of your screen there is a number that is constantly increasing, that number represents the amount of gold you have. Gold can be used to buy items or upgrade your gear! Different items have different purposes: Ender pearls for teleporting, orbs of undying for living past your death, walls to quickly block passages of and much more!

✧ Upgrading Equipment:
In this map you can find custom upgrading trees for your weapons and armor to make them fit your playing style; For example: fast but weak, slow but strong and more! Upgrade your equipment in the shop to be one step ahead of your enemies!

✧ Selecting Skills:
Your items and equipment, however, aren't the only thing supporting you on your journey to defeat your enemies. There is one more, critical element in this map that has a significant impact on fights: Skills. Each player can choose 3 out of 21 different skills, that can be mixed and matched to fit team play and your play style, and each gives you their specific extra-abilities. They can be activated on kills, death or when you take damage! You can choose to strengthen your allies, or perhaps you'd rather have a ton of health? We have skills for every situation and playstyle! Bow-based skills? Yes. Shooting fireballs? We got that covered. Summoning tropical fish on top of your enemies? I'm not sure why you would want that, but yes, we have that! With more than 8 thousand possible combinations, skills give you a chance to change the playstyle to what you want. Can you find the combination that fits you best? You can switch skills in the lobby, or while in-game via the shop. You can find a list of all skills with a detailed explanation here!

✧ Choosing Arena:
No map would be what it is without great builds - and that's why Capture Kings is equipped with seven unique arenas you can choose to fight in. Each has its own unique features, weaknesses, and layout! Jump on launch pads to get levitated up into the air, enter portals to find quick ways to another place, walk on speed pads to reach the middle quicker and more! You can select an arena in the lobby before a game starts.

✧ Picking Announcer:
Have you ever played a map and thought: 'This map would be ten times better if it had random voice lines!', Well... We got the *perfect* map for you! We provide you with nine different voiceovers, going from the most tired worker to the cutest announcer! They'll tell you all the most exciting things going on in the map. This is the feature you never knew you always wanted! Each player can select their own announcer in the lobby!


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