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Star Dust - Maps - Crowdford

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Star Dust

Star Dust
Star Dust
Nether Level
Nether Level
Ruins Level
Ruins Level
Space Level
Space Level
Future Level
Future Level

"PvP with XP-Fueld Flight!"

In Star Dust your goal is to defeat your enemies! To achieve this you collect XP to be able to fly! You can also use a lot of special abilities!

✧ Classes
This map features a great variety of 10 classes with their unique strengths and weaknesses. Each class not only has unique weapons, armor, and additional items, but also two custom abilities! This map has the following classes: Hunter, Prepper, Precursor, Disruptor, Wraith, Acolyte, Warlock, Soldier, Blaze & Trapper.

✧ Many Battlefields
There are many battlefields to play on, in this map! Discover all the different themes in the 10+ levels.

✧ Custom Advancements & Soundtrack
This map also has a lot of custom advancements, that you can unlock throughout all the different modes! Each battlefield also has its own soundtrack created by TTEXTT!

✧ Custom Items, Abilities & Powerups
Not only are there custom items, but there are also powerups that sometimes appear during the game! By collecting experience you can also use your class abilities!

✧ XP-Orb Fueled Flight
By being around XP orbs you will gain levitation! This is a great way to move around the map. The more XP there is around you, the higher you fly! By sneaking you can also stop this.

✧ Modes: Invasion & Astral Fight
Fight against A. waves of enemies or B. one powerful boss and try to survive until the end!

✧ Modes: Starry Night, Starless Skies & Broken Skies
Fight against your enemies in the normal Starry Night or play with limited experience orbs in Starless Skies. Or are classes to simple for you? Broken Skies randomizes all your items and abilities everytime you respawn!

✧ Mode: Shooting Star
Collect the shooting star and keep it as long as possible! But, be careful - if you get hit or killed by someone, you will lose the star!

✧ Modes: Meteor Wars & Cosmos Keep
There are also two team modes! In Meteor Wars you try to kill as many enemies as possible and in Cosmos Keep you try to gain points by capturing beacons for your team!


A Mirage Maps Project 

Full Credit:

Map by McTsts, MrKukurykpl, BenTechy66, marhjo, EnderPig, BigNinjaChicken, kradziejpyr, Unbihexium & TTEXTT


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